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Accounting & Bookkeeping

Accounting and bookkeeping are both important components of managing your finances. At first glance, the two can seem quite similar, but there are a few critical differences. 
Accounting is the interpretation and presentation of that data to business owners and investors.
Bookkeeping focuses on recording and organizing financial data.
Business Accounting (
Business accounting is the systematic recording, analyzing, interpreting, and presenting of financial information. Accounting may be done by one person in a small business, or by different teams in a larger organization. 
Accounting is the way a business keeps track of its operations. Accountants analyze the business finances so the owner can make better decisions. This information is organized into reports that show the financial health of a business. 
Accountants helps business owners meet their compliance obligations. It also helps them make smart decisions with their money. 
Business Bookkeeping
Business Bookkeeping is the process of recording your company's financial transaction into organized accounts on a daily basis. 
Accounting consists of:
  • Analyzing business health and performance
  • Audits
  • Budgets
  • Financial statements and reports - balance sheets, income statement, cash flow statement, statement of changes in equity
  • Tax Returns
Bookkeeping consists of:
  • Invoicing
  • Payroll
  • Receipts and bills
  • Recording business transactions



When it comes to paying employees, laws and the IRS have made the payroll function a time-consuming nightmare for small businesses.
Owners spend more time figuring out the payroll function rather than spending time generating sales, prospecting new business opportunities, or servicing customers. We offer payroll solutions that meet your business's needs and enable you to spend time doing what you do best - running your organization. 


Money Management

Setting goals for your financial well-being is vital to the success of your future, whether it's business or personal. Money management is one of the most important parts of your financial life. Knowing how to budget, spend, and save can be a game changer in helping you reach your financial goals, get out of debt, and build financial security and legacy for you and your family. 
Money management is the strategies and techniques to determine an individual or company uses its money. From a business perspective, money management refers to the process of tracking and planning an individual's use of capital. In personal perspective, money management incudes budgeting, spending, saving, and investing. 
Money Management in Personal Finance:
Money can be proactive with regular financial planning and it can also be reactive without intuitive planning. We teach our clients a simple method of personal budgeting - the "50-20-30 Budget Rule" (developed by Elizabeth Warren). This rule states that your after-tax income should be roughly divided three ways: 50% go towards your needs, 30% goes towards your wants, and 20% goes towards your long-term savings. Click on the 50/30/20 Calculator link to see your money results.
Money Management in Business Finance:
Similar to personal finance, money management for your business also includes planning and budgeting, however the process is a little different. A company’s budgeting is mainly shaped by its business strategies. It is built upon the company’s historical financial statements and adjusted with forecasting estimates. Managing money for businesses is more complex than individuals and should have a team of professionals to provided financial analysis and planning. 


Income Tax Preparation (Individual & Small Business)

Individuals and businesses face significant challenges when it comes to planning and tax preparation such as complex reporting requirements and specialized tax laws. These challenges can make accounting, bookkeeping, and addressing tax regulations more complex than most companies will face. We understand these challenges and are here to help assist you.


QuickBooks ProAdvisor Business Consultant

Our trained mastered certified team of professionals have a wide array of skills and knowledge in accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll. 
What we do:
  • FREE QuickBooks diagnosis
  • Set up and customize your QuickBooks software
  • Troubleshoot technical issues or customizations
  • Any any technical questions
  • Receive discounts on QuickBooks products - only if you are a client
  • Train you or your team on how to use the software
  • Accounting
  • Audits
  • Book Cleanup

Our certified ProAdvisors are here to help take the burden of

accounting and taxes off your hands.

Industries That We Serve

•Automotive Sales / Repair
•Construction / Contractors
•Gas (Liquefied Petroleum)
•Lawn Care / Landscaping
• Manufacturing
•Property Management

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